Certification schemes are :


  • ERs have 5 categories of Testing as received from
    a Draft ER for Mobile Equip


  • Emissions - CISPR 22 or CISPR 32 class B limits
  • Immunity – IEC 610004-2/3/4/5/6/11 Generally Level 2 levels

2) General Safety and RF Safety

  • Safety of IT Equipment : Indian Standard IS 13252 (IEC 60950 equivalent) Other safety also applies
  • Devices held close to ear – IEC62209-1 using Head Liquid limits of 1.6W/kg with 1g
  • Devices used close to body - – IEC62209-2 using Body Liquid limits of 1.6W/kg with 1g

3) Technical specifications

  • 3GPP TS, EN 301511 and EN301908 Mainly references IEC, EN, 3GPP TS and FCC(TBD)

4) Security Requirements

  • As per Security Requirements finalised by Security wing of DoT

5) Other requirements

  • like IMEI, Emergency Dialling, IPv6 and/or Green Passport etc., as and when notified by TEC/DoT/any Government Agency from time to time.

The Test Labs in India (CABS — Conformance Assessment Bodies) must be designated by TEC in order to test to TEC's ERs. Certification Bodies (CBs) must also be designated by TEC.

Manufacturers must make note of number of Samples that will be required for all of the required testing. As the Cabs may not be a one stop shop for ALL testing, Safety, ENI / ENC, Radio, SAR, Security, etc

  • The TEC Certificate is valid for 5 years after which renewal is required
  • The products have to labelled with the TEC mark. No Certification number on Product-TBD. E-Labelling is still under consideration
  • But the final Packaging must be labelled with certification number and/or QR code
  • A reliable Certification Partner with knowledge of ALL testing requirements is very vital for TEC certification, covering All aspects of TEC. you can certainly count on C-PRAV