1. Applicants are required to apply online for grant of Registration.
2. Test reports issued from labs recognized by BIS under CRS to be submitted with application.
3. All foreign applicants having no liaison office or branch office located in India have to appoint Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) as per the guidelines issued by BIS in the prescribed nomination form.
4. Fill the application form (Form VI) online.
5. Hard copies of application to be submitted within 15 days of online submission of the application. In case of non-receipt of hard copies of application within fifteen days of online submission. the application will be treated as closed.
6. BIS will scrutinize the applications.
7. The applicant will be responsible for overall delay in Grant of Registration in case of incomplete application and delayed response to queries.
8. Once query is satisfactorily resolved and affidavit cum undertaking has been submitted. Registration is granted by BIS.
9. The grant of Registration letter will be uploaded on the applicant's portal.
10. Note: Standard time for grant of Registration: 20 working days.

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