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BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme and BIS mandatory Certifications for your Products Safety
C-PRAV Services is your ideal partner to manage your product’s testing and registration with BIS .
Our expertise makes BIS approvals easy for you

WPC – ETA Wireless planning and co-ordination – Equipment Type Approval For Radio
Ministry of communications is responsible for frequency spectrum management, including licensing and caters for the needs of wireless users
C-PRAV Services is your ideal partner to manage your product’s WPC-ETA.
Our expertise makes WPC approvals easy for you

TEC- Telecom products certification EMI / EMC, Safety, Radio, Telecom, RF Human Exposure Security, other requirements Testing and certification


Product Testing, Compliance, Approvals, Certifications and Standards for India, North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Asia
Product Regulatory Specialists. Experienced in different levels of Product Testing Compliance and Certifications with over 25 years of experience. For all your FCC, IC (now ISED), EU’s CE for EMC, LVD, RED, Australia NZ’s RCM, Japan’s JATE, DSPR, Asian and any country approvals and certifications.

Managed Testing and Compliance issues for EMC, Safety, Telecom and Radio approvals for various IT and Telecommunication products specialising in Radio & SAR approvals for Wireless LAN, 3G/4G product certifications, for the USA, Europe and Australia NZ.