Malaysia Update

Further to the temporary freeze of all new applications for the certification of devices under the categories of Wireless Media Player and Set-Top Box (WMP/ STB) since 3rd March 2020, MCMC has found that there are still irresponsible parties who takes advantage of the MCMC/SIRIM’s certification including the use of MCMC and SIRIM’s corporate logos in promoting WMP/STB together with its capabilities of providing access to copyrighted contents from unauthorised sources.

Therefore, MCMC has decided to impose additional requirements for the certification and importation of WMP/STB effective from 1st January 2022.

In this regard, the current temporary freeze will remain effective until the new requirements are implemented.

By 1st January 2022, new application/ renewal of approved certificate of compliance (CoC) and certificate of approval (CoA) shall be subjected to new requirements.

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