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Department Of Telecommunication (DOT) November 2022

Clarification on Prevention of tampering of the Mobile Device Equipment Identification Number Amendment Rule, 2022

With the help of Industry organization such as MAIT and manufacturing industry, DOT (Department of Telecommunication) has released the below clarification dated 27th Oct 2022 in regard to recently released Amendment Rule, 2022 on the prevention of tampering of the Mobile Device Equipment Identification Number.
As per the request and suggestions on the said Amendment Rule, below are the highlights of the clarification by DOT.

Please click here to check clarification letter.

  1. DOT has been requested to update the ICDR portal for local manufacturers of Mobile Phone.
  2. The ICDR portal should be robust and capable to ensure 24×7 operations. Authority should release SOP/ latest user manual and display the contact details of concern team over website.
  3. IMEI certificates for locally manufactured Mobile devices do not need to be shared with government authorities till further notice.
  4. Individual user does not require to generate IMEI certificates in ICRDR portal if mobile device (new/used) are being carried out along with them as passenger or is same is imported for repair and return purpose.
  5. DOT clarified that issuance of IMEI certificate of Mobile devices is required for import and export purpose. However, Industry organization has requested DOT to remove the requirement of IMEI certificate for Export purpose. Final decision for DOT is awaited.

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