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Argentina is set to hold a tender of 5G frequencies in February 2023

  • In a presentation of the national budget for the coming year, Argentina’s economy minister Sergio Massa confirmed that a tender for 5G frequencies will be held in February 2023.
  • The General Regulation for the Reliable and Intelligent Telecommunications Service will govern this band, which will be used for terrestrial mobile service of the primary category.
  • In TDD mode, the 3300-3500 MHz portion of the n78 band will be used for Argentina’s 5G service.
  • According to the report, the 5G frequency auction is anticipated to raise approximately USD 1.4 billion from operators, in addition to the additional investments required to install the towers required for the fifth-generation network.
  • In Argentina, important steps in the deployment of 5G technology include the allocation of frequency bands and regulatory measures.

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