Compliance & Product Regulatory ApproVals

E-Waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2023

A clarification has been sought from Ministry Of Environment, Forest and Climate Change on released E-Waste Management rule 2022 dated 30th Jan 23. Below are the revisions made in the released rule.

  • In rule 16, in sub-rule (5), for the words ‘‘in the product user documentation’’, the words ‘‘as and
    when required by the Central Pollution Control Board’’ shall be substituted;


  • In Schedule – II, after Sl. No. 35 and entries relating thereto, the following Sl. Nos. and entries shall
    be inserted, namely: –
     >Sr. No 36. Cadmium and lead in Solar panels/cells, solar Photovoltaic panels/cells/modules as listed in Schedule – I
     >Sr. No 37. Lead in Medical Devices (with the exception of all implanted and infected products) as listed in Schedule – I


The addition of substances in Schedule II has been updated as product categories solar panels and medical devices are duly added in the schedule I of E-Waste Management Rule 2022.

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