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Provision of submitting Undertaking to CPCB till 30th June 2023

On 13th April, CPCB released the notification addressing to custom authority to release the shipments notifying under E-waste management rule 2022. Products had one month of timeline to submit the EPR authorization from the date of submitting Undertaking to custom & CPCB.

However, due to the recent launch of updated EPR portal and SOP, CPCB has extended the timeline of 30 days to 30th June 2023 to clear out the shipments.
i)Producers have the time till 30th June 23 to submit the ERP certificate.
ii)Undertaking and Bill of entry need to be submitted in custom. Copy of same need to be shared with CPCB via email.
iii)For EPR certificate released as per 2016 rule which are expired, shipment may be released by submitting the copy of submitted application in EPR portal.

Here is the link of official notification

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