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Communication Security Regulations

Applications accepted from July 1, 2023

We would like to inform you about the upcoming Mandatory NCCS (National Center for Communication Security) regulations in addition to the current MTCTE for telecom products. 

  • The start of acceptance of applications on the MTCTE portal for the communication security compliance is from July 1, 2023. 
  • The products that are regulated are: 
  • Wi-Fi CPEs – All Wi-Fi CPEs and PON ONT/similar Equipment that are currently being subjected to MTCTE. 
  • IP Routers – All Routers 
  • The products are subjected to the communication security standard called ITSAR (Indian Telecom Security Assurance Requirements). 

 In-country testing of the products is mandatory. 

As encouraged by the Regulator NCCS also, we strongly suggest you start a pre-test to test the waters and address any concern for your products compliance. These tests are purely Software Testing. 

C-PRAV can manage the overall pretesting and later final compliance testing and NCCS Certification.  

We also suggest a Teams call with your team to explain the requirements and situation in India. 

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