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Indian Telecom Regulations – TEC – MTCTE

Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment

After nearly 2 years since the announcement of Phase 3&4 by TEC, the imminent date has finally almost arrived – 1st July 2023. While the Legislation was announced back in October 2017, planned for implementation in October 2018, there have been several delays due to lab and Certification readiness. TEC later decided to implement the product categories in various phases.
• Phase 1: Implemented July 2019
• Phase 2: Implemented June 2020
• Phase 3 & 4: Notified September 2021 and implementation date 1st July 2023
• Communication Security Certification Scheme (ComSeC) by National Centre for Communication Security (NCCS), Dept of Telecommunications, Govt. Of India. They have developed country specific Security assurance standards called Indian Telecom Security Assurance Requirements (ITSAR) for every Telecom equipment. Compliance and certification to these product specific ITSARs are an extension and integrated under the MTCTE scheme. TEC has notified on 27th Feb 2023 that MTCTE Portal will be open for Security applications of WiFi CPE and IP Routers from 1st July 2023.
Congratulations to all who have got closer or crossed the finish line in race for their products’ certification. All the best for those still in the race. And of course, a final reminder call for those yet to begin. All notified products under Phase 3&4 must be Certified before they are legally imported or sold in the Indian market.
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