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Public Consultation on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Rules in Australia 

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) will conduct a public consultation on EMC regulatory procedures.  

The Authority is particularly interested in hearing your thoughts on the following points: 

The proposal to include all EMC harmonised emission requirements under Directive 2014/30/EU in the ACMA’s EMC regulatory frameworks. 

The effectiveness of the present EMC regulation systems for mitigating EMC risks in automobiles, especially electric vehicles. 

The proposal would exclude some low-powered inductive power transfer devices from the classification of a high-risk item, such as wireless chargers for phones, electronic wearables, and electric toothbrushes. 

The proposal to reduce the compliance level of some household equipment, as well as any other devices that have not been identified. 

The recommendation for classifying battery-powered equipment as low-risk devices. 

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