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Other Approvals

C-PRAV has the expertise and can also manage Services that are listed below.

  • Testing and Compliance of Medical equipment including PPE

The certification of medical equipment is more important now than ever.  In addition to the EMC testing of Medical products (IEC 60601 series), we are also helping our customers to certify the medical equipment like ventilators.  C-PRAV is involved globally in getting the PPE products like N-95 masks, Gloves, and coveralls certification.  The organizations that are re-opening their offices have to comply with the new COVID-19 norms of sanitization of offices and certified for ISO 45001 (health and safety).  C-PRAV is ready to help you with such priority services

  • Testing for IPv4, IPv6, Dual Stack, SD-WAN

Information technology (IT) products like modems, routers, laptops, desktops, smartphones and other IT products are in high demand today.  The IT products readiness to the RFCs like 8200, 4213 etc., are very important, as this would ensure the preparedness from Internet Protocol support.  C-PRAV has the right resources who understand the IT products and IP technology to help the customers in the products testing and certification.  C-PRAV’s has the technical expertise to discuss such requirements and manage the entire testing process through our exclusive partnership lab with IPv6 ready logo program.

  • Testing for Security certification and Security Assurance of products

Security is one of the key aspects of any product and organization.  The focus on security is at its peak today.  C-PRAV has the right partnerships and your knowledge partner for security certification and assurance of the products.  C-PRAV today provides you with the certifications of ISO/IEC 27001, Cloud Security certifications, Vulnerability assessments and penetrative testing (VA-PT), software security and quality assurance.  C-PRAV is your knowledge partner for Safety Audits, Network Security review, Information security audits, statutory and regulatory compliance audits, life cycle audits, and energy audits.

  • Testing for Wired and Wireless Interfaces of your products

In today’s world, we are talking about connected devices – Internet of Things, Internet of Everything.  Be it machine-to-machine (M2M) or Human-to-Machine Interface (HMI), requires to be tested as the vulnerability risk is the highest in this environment.  C-PRAV is your trusted knowledge partner for testing and vulnerability risk assessment.  We have the right tools and consulting expertise to provide the architectural guidance to reduce the risks.

In addition, C-PRAV can manage all testing for RF covering all Radio technology in your products, calibrations, shielding effectiveness, RF Site Surveys