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RF Exposure Services

SAR – Specific Absorption Ratio

MPE – Maximum Permissible Exposure

RADHAZ – Radiation Hazard Measurements

mmW PD – Millimetre Wave Power Density

Compliance with RF exposure standards are mandatory in many countries and India also has these requirements for Handheld and Body worn RF equipment

Mobile Phones, Tablet PCs, Laptops, PDAs, Headphones, Smart Glasses, Smart watches, IOTs and many such products are subjected to RF exposure compliance.

TEC has adopted the IEC 62209 international standard which sets out test procedures for SAR measurements. However, the SAR limits to comply with is equivalent to stringent FCC limits of 1.6W/kg in 1g tissue.

Europe and the rest of the world follow the SAR limits of 2W/kg in 10g tissue.

For 5G and mmW spectrum of products, Power Density test requirements apply which is currently a IEC Technical report TR 63170

Following a list of RF exposure standards used by various countries


IEC/IEEE 62209

IEC/IEEE 62311

IEC/IEEE 62233

FCC KDB 447498

RSS 102

IEEE 1528



EN 50360

AS/NZS 2772

IEC TR 63170


FCC Part 15.255

IEC 62704

IEC 62232

C-PRAV’s has expertise in RF Exposure Standards and Testing; We can manage these tests for your products and guide you with assessing of your product’s requirements and applicability to any of these standards.