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EMC is our speciality. With more than 25 years of EMC Standards, Testing and Certification experience we can guide you through the intricacies of EMC Testing, solutions, mitigation of EMC problems. From design of product, development, pre-testing and final compliance testing we hand hold you through the entire process to ensure your product efficiently and cost effectively progresses through each stage.

We can conduct in house training for your staff whether you are a manufacturer developing a product or a lab testing for EMC.

Projects well Begun is half Done! This is very true when it comes to EMC. Product well designed considering EMC from the start saves a lot of time and money. Risks of Product slippage is often overlooked. Experience has taught many lessons. See graph below

Comparing Lab costs vs overall Certification consultancy costs is unfair.

There is a significant difference with what a lab offers vs our value-add testing support which also includes, Test optimisation, Test reduction, basic mitigation in case of non-compliances and complete babysitting with your product helping labs configure and guidance during the entire testing process. Often the effort in supporting these tests are overlooked.  

Once the product is setup on the test bench in an EMC lab, the money clock starts. If the product fails, costs can multiply exponentially if not handled carefully. Experience of handling EMC is key to get out of the EMC lab quickly with a compliance report.

Experience of Agents in handling EMC testing is vital for your product. Just handing over the product to the EMC lab and expecting a compliance report in return is a huge underestimation of this exercise.