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Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications has notified “Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules” in Gazette of India vide G.S.R. 1131(E) PART XI” on 5th September 2017 which prescribes for Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecommunication Equipment (MTCTE).  Any electronic or Telecommunication equipment that is used or capable of being implemented/deployed/used by any Telecommunication/telegraph establishment shall have to undergo Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecommunication Equipment (MTCTE) as per the respective Essential Requirements (ERs) published by telegraph authority from time to time. 

Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC), New Delhi, under Department of Telecommunications (DoT), which, inter alia, is the Telegraph Authority for the purpose of MTCTE.  The detailed procedure for Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecommunication Equipment (MTCTE) under these rules notified separately.  NABL accredited labs in India and designated by TEC are authorised to carry out the testing of equipment and based upon their test reports, TEC issues the certificate for the product.

Notification for launch of first phase of MTCTE was issued on 4th July’ 2019 and MTCTE portal has been opened for registration of all Indian OEMs/Authorised Indian Representatives (AIR).  The certification of Telecom equipment, covered under Phase-I, is made mandatory with effect from October 1, 2019.  TEC will notify the schedule of MTCTE of remaining Telecom equipment subsequently.  The products covered in Phase-I are:

  • 2-Wire Telephone Equipment
  • G3 Fax Machine
  • Modem
  • Cordless Telephone
  • ISDN Customer Premises Equipment
  • Private Automatic Branch Exchange

TEC has announced PHASE 2 under MTCTE effective from 1st October 2020. Applications are accepted from 25th June 2020.
Following products are listed under Phase 2:

  • Passive Optical Network (PON) family
  • Feedback Devices
  • Transmission Equipment (SDH, Multiplexing Equipment)

All Indian OEMs and Authorised Indian Representatives (AIRs) of Telecommunication equipment can now register on MTCTE portal. It will facilitate the applicants to apply for the certification of Telecom equipment immediately after the commencement of acceptance of applications for certification once notified under MTCTE. This will limit the avoidable delay to get the certification of their Telecom equipment.


For the purpose of compliance with Essential Requirements (ERs), the equipment must have undergone testing at any designated CAB (Certification Assessment Body – test Labs) or recognized CAB of MRA partner country’s labs accredited by accreditation bodies under ILAC.

Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS) – This scheme is for simple products. List is shown in the MTCTE procedure document. Under this scheme, applicant has to submit a test-wise compliance sheet. No need to submit test reports and other documents however the product must be tested and full evidence of compliance with the ERs. TEC may request these documents for any audit purposes.

General Certification Scheme (GCS) – This scheme is for complex products and the list of product types are shown in the MTCTE procedure document. Under this scheme, applicant has to submit all the test reports and documents to TEC.


TEC certificate and ID number is issued to the applicant and is valid for the model along with its associated/series models if applicable. 

Unlike BIS Safety, TEC’s MTCTE needs lot more technical knowledge and know-how of handling the samples, testing and certification. Here’s are some key factors to consider for TEC’s MTCTE.

  • Determining the appropriate ER for TEC certification for your product.
  • Identification of the correct test requirements in the ER.
  • Interpretation of associated models by OEM/AIR/Lab will be assessed by TEC (BOM accuracy will be the key factor in interpretation)
  • Good sound knowledge of the ERs, referenced standards, manage Testing requirements efficiently with minimum number of samples (various labs may be required to cover the ER) , liaising for timely accurate reports from Labs, with all required information and certification process intricacies is key to get TEC Certification seamlessly, Cost effectively and with minimum delays
  • Transit delays of test samples.
  • Functional or configuration issues with Test samples shipped
  • Supporting lab for sample configuration, exercise EUT (Equipment Under Test) during testing, Exercising the test samples is essential for the tests.
  • There are significant differences between an OEM contacting the Lab directly for TEC certification vs using a well-informed, knowledgeable Technical Partner like C-PRAV.
  • C-PRAV’s value added services of testing support which also includes, Test optimisation, Test reduction, basic mitigation in case of non-compliances and complete babysitting the product by helping lab configure and guidance during the entire testing process.

Often the effort in supporting these test processes are overlooked.


Essential Requirements (ERs) are simplified documents that provide the guidance in simple terms of what are the requirements of TEC under MTCTE scheme. The ERs defined are per product line and all the applicable variations in the product line are captured as variants in the ER. Requirements related to Network security and IPv6 are unique. The requirements in the ERs can be split into 5 major categories:

  • Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • General Electrical Safety and RF exposure safety
  • Technical and Interface Requirements
  • Security Requirements
  • Other Requirements

TEC has released final version of the Essential requirements covering the following equipment:

  • Mobile Handsets – covering Smartphones, Tablets, Dongles
  • Tracking Devices
  • Smart Watch
  • IOT Gateway
  • Smart Camera
  • IP Terminals
  • Media Gateway
  • DSL Equipment
  • Signalling Gateway
  • Session Border Controller
  • Base Stations for Cellular Network
  • Repeater for Cellular Network
  • Compact Cellular Network
  • Soft Switch
  • End Point Devices for Environment Monitoring
  • Smart Electricity Meters


One of the requirements of TEC is to have a legal entity of Indian origin to be the applicant or representative a.k.a. Authorised Indian Representative (AIR).  AIR will liaise with TEC for all certification needs and will be the legal representation of OEM with the regulator. Every foreign OEM must have an AIR to apply for TEC certification. If the foreign OEM has an office in India, then there is an option of the India office to be AIR or C-PRAV can be AIR. If the OEM is an Indian Manufacturer, then this office must take the responsibility of being the applicant.


  • C-PRAV’s unmatched expertise in Standards, Regulation, Testing and Certification (SRTC) to confidently manage ALL your TEC testing and Certification requirements to handle MTCTE
  • Partnership with labs to enable One-Stop Shop for all certification needs with minimum test sample requirements
  • Authorized Indian Representative (local representative) for Foreign OEMs’ or engage to support their local offices
  • Profile creation and submission of application on the MTCTE portal
  • Liaison with TEC for all kinds of queries, processing and documentation
  • Provide technical inputs to TEC in case of any ambiguity in an ER or MTCTE process
  • Coordination with all divisions and regional offices of TEC
  • Member of standards committees for discussion on standards and processes
  • Quick and accurate communication of TEC updates
  • Technical expertise in SRTC helps to manage testing at the lab for configuring EUTs, apply mitigation techniques if any EMC/Radio/Safety issues during testing, apply test reduction to save costs and time, liaise with lab for accurate report preparation
  • Weekly updates on testing and certification status
  • Compliance Folder management
    • Prepare and maintain all documentation required for any future audits
    • Alerts for upcoming renewals

C-PRAV is highly knowledgeable on all technical aspects of MTCTE. We have partnered with best labs to manage all your MTCTE needs as a one-stop solution. We take care of sample handling, testing, certification, documentation, compliance folder management, support for audits while we keep you informed periodically the progress of your projects.