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Understanding nCC Certification

NCC, short for the National Communications Commission, is a regulatory body in Taiwan responsible for overseeing and managing the country’s telecommunications and broadcasting sectors. 

It issues type approval for all telecommunications terminal equipment and low power radio devices, ensuring their compliance before importation or sale within the country.

 This means that when a product undergoes NCC Certification, it’s not just a box to tick – it’s a comprehensive evaluation to make sure the product meets the necessary safety, quality, and compatibility standards.


Certification for Various Aspects of Telecom Equipment

National Communication Commission (NCC) in Taiwan implements NCC certification for various aspects of telecom equipment:

EMC, RF, Telecom, and Safety Certification: NCC guides and manages the certification process for these aspects, making sure that products measure up to the required standards.

RF Exposure for Telecom Equipment Certification: NCC ensures that telecom equipment complies with regulations concerning radiofrequency exposure, ensuring user safety.

Low Power Radio Equipment Certification: For low power radio equipment, certification is a must to ensure it meets specific standards outlined by the NCC

For NCC approval , the involvement of a local representative is not mandatory. Recognized laboratories can provide test reports and other technical documentation directly to Taiwanese Certification Bodies and NCC certificate is valid.

Products requiring NCC Approval

It covers all the products that meet the criteria of interfacing with the end point of the Public Switched Telecommunications Network (PSTN) and enabling communication by using wireless or wired transmission media and products emitting radio frequencies.

Some of the examples of such Telecommunications Terminal Equipment are: 

Public Switched Telecommunications Network (PSTN): Telephone sets, VOIP phones, cordless phones, alarming equipment, Key Telephone System (KTS) Equipment, answering machines, data equipment, fax machines, caller ID terminals, remote control equipment, long term evolution (LTE devices)

Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN): GSM/3G phones, Wireless Broadband Access (WBA)  station equipment, mobile broadband stations.  

Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) : ISDN PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Systems, ISED enable fax machines, routers etc

Low-Power Radio-Frequency Device : Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, RFID,  remotes, baby monitors, microphones, FM transmitters, immobilizers, FRS/CB radios, walkie-talkies, MICS.


and wireless products as Bluetooth devices, WiFi devices, wireless keyboards, wireless mouse


The NCC authority categorizes products into two main groups: Controlled Telecommunication Radio-Frequency Devices (CTRFD) and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (TTE).

Controlled Telecommunication Radio-Frequency Devices (CTRFD) refer to radio frequency equipment used in telecommunications. 

Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (TTE) includes devices that are used as endpoints in telecommunications network

Taiwan NCC Certification approval process

The approval process is categorized based on whether the products are intended for commercial sale or private use.

Manufacturers, importers, or distributors intended for “sale use” are responsible for submitting the application for type approval or DoC approval for NCC certification.

Individuals, incorporated organizations, or non-incorporated organizations seeking approval for “private use”  are required to submit the application for private approval.  While privately used products may require inspection or test reports depending on the application, there’s a distinct import limit. 

Conversely, all devices intended for commercial use must undergo mandatory testing for NCC certification. Applications for NCC type approval are submitted to Recognized Certification Bodies, designated by the NCC for CTRFD devices and by the Directorate General of Telecommunications for TTE devices.”



NCC Approval process chart

Product Marking Under NCC Certification

In adherence to National Standards, product marking is essential to demonstrate compliance. The label must be a minimum of 15mm in length, with no specific colour requirements

NCC Approval Label or Declaration of Compliance Label

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It is a mandatory certification required to access Taiwanese Market, specifically required for products that use wireless communication technologies, such as Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth devices, cellular devices, and other wireless equipment.

All products that have received approval from the NCC  must bear the “Approval Label” or approval mark as a requirement.

The BSMI Mark is a product safety certification issued by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection in Taiwan, ensuring compliance with safety standards. The NCC Certificate, issued by the National Communications Commission, is specifically required for wireless communication devices to ensure compliance with technical and regulatory standards for wireless communication in Taiwan

In Taiwan, if changes are made to a device that has already obtained an NCC Certificate, it is generally necessary to reapply for certification. The National Communications Commission (NCC) in Taiwan requires that any modifications to a certified device be assessed to ensure compliance with the relevant technical and regulatory standards. The extent of the modifications and their potential impact on the device’s performance, safety, or electromagnetic compatibility will determine the specific requirements for reapplication.

NCC approval is indefinitely valid

The test report shall be issued from the test laboratories recognized by NCC or accredited by the NCC recognized accreditation bodies (the “Labs”).

No, local representative is not required for NCC approval.

It depends on the device

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