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Certification for the USA

In the USA, the primary certification body to consider is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). To sell a product in the USA, FCC certification is required. Since 1988, FCC Rules and Regulations have mandated that all electronic products undergo testing and certification for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and especially for Radio Frequency (RF) devices. It’s important to note that there are no EMC immunity requirements in the USA.

After certification, the product must be labeled with the FCC mark and FCC ID for radio devices. To obtain certification, all test reports (emissions, radio, RF exposure-SAR, and product documentation) must be submitted to Telecommunication Certification Bodies (TCBs) along with the required fee. TCBs can certify radio products on behalf of the FCC. For digital devices without radios, compliance with FCC Part 15B is still necessary, and a Declaration of Compliance is required. Additionally, a local representative is required to facilitate the certification process.

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