Streamlined Safety Certification Process for Electrical Appliances in South Korea 

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In a recent development, the safety certification process for electrical appliances in Korea has been revamped to ensure efficiency and adherence to quality standards. 

The revised system is designed to facilitate manufacturers and exporters in obtaining safety certification for their products seamlessly. 

Before shipping (domestic production) or customs clearance (imported items), the manufacturer must get safety certification from a safety certification organisation for each model of the electrical appliance that requires it. 

Here is an overview of the updated process:

  1. Application for Safety Certification 
  2. Submission to Certification Body 
  3. Inspection after Document Review 
  4. Issuance and Delivery of Certificate 

These procedural changes aim to simplify the safety certification journey for manufacturers and exporters, promoting the production and importation of safe electrical appliances in the Korean market. 

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