MTCTE Amendment Notification: Key Updates and Implications

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In a recent development by the Telecom Engineering Centre (TEC), amendments have been introduced to the Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment (MTCTE) regime, impacting products classified under Phase-III, IV & V. These updates are crucial for manufacturers, importers, and stakeholders involved in the telecom sector, outlining revised timelines and compliance requirements.

Extension of Mandatory Certification Dates

One of the significant updates pertains to the extension of mandatory certification dates for various Essential Requirements (ERs). This includes:

  1. Smart Electricity Meters (Phase III): The mandatory certification date has been extended to 01.10.2024.
  2. Satellite Communication Equipment (Phase IV):
  3. Base Station for Cellular Network for 5G (Phase V):
  4. Hypervisor (Phase V):
  5. IP Terminal (Phase V):

These extensions provide additional time for stakeholders to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, reflecting TEC’s commitment to facilitating a smooth transition within the industry.

Updates on ILAC-Accredited Lab Reports

Furthermore, the notification introduces amendments to the acceptance period of test reports issued by labs accredited by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) signatories from non-border sharing countries. The extended period by two months applies to specific technical parameters of the following products:

  1. Base Station for Cellular Network (up to 4G) (Phase III): The last date for ILAC report acceptance is now 30.09.2024*.
  2. SIM (Phase IV):
  3. VHF UHF Radio Equipment System (Phase IV):
  4. Base Station for Cellular Network for 5G (Phase V):
  5. E-band Fixed Radio Relay Systems (Phase V):

The update emphasizes the importance of aligning with international accreditation standards while ensuring that products meet stringent quality and performance criteria.

Accessing Detailed Information

For comprehensive details on all products affected by these amendments and their respective mandatory certification dates, stakeholders are encouraged to refer to the complete list provided in Annexure-I of the official notification. This document serves as a critical resource for navigating the regulatory landscape under MTCTE.

Next Steps for Stakeholders

Manufacturers, importers, and other stakeholders in the telecom industry are advised to promptly review the amendments and assess their implications on existing and upcoming product lines. Ensuring compliance with updated certification timelines and technical requirements is essential for maintaining market access and meeting consumer expectations.


The MTCTE amendment notification underscores TEC’s commitment to enhancing regulatory clarity and supporting industry compliance. By extending certification deadlines and adjusting acceptance periods for reports, the updates aim to streamline processes and facilitate smoother transitions for stakeholders.

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